Eleanor teaches aerobics at the glamourous Ashburton Recreation Centre on 
Tuesday mornings at 11am

Classes only hold 38 participants and you'll need to be there well and truly by 10.45am so as not to miss out!

Enquiries can be made directly to Ashburton Recreation Centre on ph 98853133
Eleanor began in Calisthenics with Edwyn Calisthenics College, who competed at Ballarat's National South Street Competitions at Championship level.
VIF was Eleanor's private aerobics club for 35 years and over the years she taught HUGE amounts of women in the South Eastern suburbs.
L.I.F.E. (Leaders in Fitness Education) - demonstration team at the Palais for the National Aerobics Championships.
Exercise in the Park at Myer Music Bowl with several thousand people following Eleanor on a beautiful summer's day to officially open Senior Citizen's Week in Melbourne.